There’s just something about the glow of flickering flames that makes special moments feel even warmer. Choosing the right heating system can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. An average single-family home can lose up to 25% of its heat through air leaks. This can also mean losing money on your energy bills.

At Topmar Building Supplies we can offer you expert advice and trusted heating products. For your convenience, we have included links to our suppliers below. 

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Free Standing Pellet Stove

Freestanding Pellet Stoves

A renewable energy source, environmentally friendly, economical and convenient. These are just some of the reasons a Pellet Stove is the perfect solution to heat your home.

Free Standing Wood Stove

Freestanding Wood Stoves

Our wood stove products offer advanced wood-burning technology that provides you with the cleanest, most efficient heating experience.